Reading Courses

Reading Courses

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REA - Reading

REA-054: Critical College Reading and Thinking (3.0 Lecture) (Min Credits: 3.0)

Prerequisite REA 961 or Prerequisite Qualifying score on Reading Placement Test This course enables students to examine, develop and apply the concepts involved in critical reading and thinking. The emphasis is on the ability to interpret, analyze and evaluate college text.

A3 - CSU Critical Thinking, AA2 - AA-AS Lan & Rat - Com & Ana Th, ARD - Reading Competency

REA-063: Developing College Vocabulary (Min Credits: 3.0)

Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 001A and READ 053. Prerequisite: READ 961. This course teaches methods of expanding college vocabulary through oral and written practice, and through reading. Pass/No Pass Option.

REA-960: Reading Fundamentals (2.5 Lecture/0.5 Lab) (Min Credits: 3.0)

Advisory: A qualifying score on the Reading Placement Test, Concurrent enrollment in READ 975S or READ 947 is recommended for students who need additional time to work on their skills. This reading course is for students who wish to develop word attack (phonics), vocabulary and comprehension skills. This course includes a lab component. Pass/No Pass Only.

REA-961: Building College Reading Strategies (2.5 Lecture/0.5 Lab) (Min Credits: 3.0)

Prerequisite REA 960 , or Prerequisite ESL 970RW , Prerequisite ESL 970G and Prerequisite ESL 970LS or qualifying score on placement test. This course develops and improves reading skills and strategies including expanding vocabulary, improving reading comprehension, and building effective study habits.

REA-983: Reading Classroom Texts (1.0 Lecture) (Min Credits: 1.0)

This course teaches methods of improving comprehension of college textbook reading. Academic vocabulary development is also included. Students must be concurrently enrolled in another college course in which to practice their skills.