Art History AA-T

Associate in Arts in Art History for Transfer

To earn this AA-T, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of 60 CSU-transferable semester units with an overall grade point average of at least 2.0;
  • Completion of a minimum of 18 semester units in the major with a grade of ā€œCā€ (or ā€œPā€) or better; and
  • Certified completion of either the California State University General Education Breadth pattern (CSU GE-B) or the CSU Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (CSU IGETC).


Required Core Courses
Code Class Units
ART 001A Survey of Western Art I (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
ART 001B Survey of Western Art II (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
ART 031A Drawing (2.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 3.0
List A - Required Course
Code Class Units
ART 007 Survey of Asian Art (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
List B - Select one (1) course from the following:
Code Class Units
ART 033A Basic Design: Two-Dimensional (2.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 3.0
ART 033B Basic Design: Three-Dimensional (2.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 3.0
ART 035A Life Drawing (2.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 3.0
ART 034A Introduction to Digital Art (2.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 3.0
ART 065A Ceramics-Handbuilding (2.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 3.0
ART 085A Sculpture (2.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 3.0
List C - Select one (1) course from the following (3-5 units)

Includes any CSU transferrable Art History, except Art Appreciation; Any Art or Humanities course articulated as CSU GE Area C1; Any course articulated as CSU GE Area C2 in Language other than English (except ASL). Art, History, Humanities, Philosophy, Religion/Religion/Religious Studies or The History of Costume; Any Course articulated as CSU GE Aread D1, D3, D4 or D6

Code Class Units
ANT 003 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
ANT 055 Magic, Witchcraft and Religion (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
ART 001D Art of the 20th Century (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
ART 011 The History of Modern Design (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
COU 055 Valuing Diversity (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HUM 001A Human Values in and From the Arts (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HUM 001B Human Values in and From the Arts (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HUM 007 International Films (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HUM 015 Introduction to Film Analysis (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HUM 016A Hispanic Roots and Culture (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
PHI 001 Introduction to Philosophy (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
PHI 003 Introduction to Ethics (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
CHI 050A Conversational Chinese/Mandarin (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
CHI 050B Conversational Chinese/Mandarin (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HIS 004A History of Western Civilization (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HIS 004AH History of Western Civilization - Honors (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HIS 004B History of Western Civilization (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HIS 004BH History of Western Civilization - Honors (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HIS 017A History of the United States to 1877 (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HIS 017AH History of the United States to 1877 - Honors (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HIS 017B History of the United States Since 1877 (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HIS 017BH History of the United States Since 1877 - Honors (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HIS 020 History and Geography of California (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
HIS 031 History of East Asia (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
SPA 050A Basic Conversational Spanish and Culture (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
SPA 050B Basic Conversational Spanish and Culture (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
VIE 049A Vietnamese for the Vietnamese-Speaking (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
VIE 049B Vietnamese Language and Culture for Fluent Speakers (3.0 Lecture) 3.0

For sections with honors courses, select either the honors version or the non-honors version

Required Units for the Major

Required unts for the major 27.0-29.0
plus completion of general education requirements
and electives as needed to reach 60 units.
Total required units 60.0


 *Several courses will double-count for the major and GE.  See catalog description for information regarding specific GE area.

  • While a minimum of 2.0 is required for admission, some majors may require a higher GPA. Please consult with a counselor for more information.
  • Completing ENG 001B prior to transfer is highly recommended.
  • Completing courses prior to transfer that satisfy the U.S. History, Constitution and American Ideals requirement as part of the CSU GE-B or CSU IGETC is highly recommended.
  • For CSUs with similar majors, visit
  • C-ID approved courses from any community college can be substituted for major requirements.  See <HYPERLINK> for approved C-ID courses.  For non-C-ID approved courses, submit the Course Substitution Form. <INSERT HYPERLINK> 
  • LIB 010 and REA 054 are NOT required for this degree.
  • Completion of this degree satisfies requirements for the Certificate of Achievement in Transfer Studies.
  • Submit the AA-T/AS-T Application for Degree and Certificate of Achievement <insert hyperlink> to the Admissions and Records Office.
  • Completion of this degree waives GE requirements for subsequent degrees. 
Make an appointment with a Counselor for more information.