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Mission College Programs

The following are all college degrees and certificates offered at Mission College.

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Art and Design

Business and Hospitality

Languages and Liberal Arts

Exploratory and General Studies

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Health Sciences

For Pharmacy Technician program, see Community Education.

Public Service and Social Sciences

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)


Name Dept. Transfer Degree Degree Certificate
Coach Operator Apprenticeships     C
Overhead Line Worker Apprenticeships     C
Public Transit Leadership Apprenticeships     C
Service Mechanic Apprenticeships     C
Track Worker Apprenticeships     C
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ESL and Noncredit

Learn about all Noncredit programs.

Community Education

Name Depart Transfer Degree Degree Certificate
Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy Technician     C
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Transfer Degrees

The California Community College system has an for CSU transfer students – associate degrees for transfer. These degrees (AA-T & AS-T) allow you to simultaneously complete an associate’s degree and satisfy lower-division (GE) and major requirements for transfer at the same time.

Mission College currently offers AA-Ts/AS-T degrees in the following majors.

  • Earn an associate’s degree from Mission College;
  • Get priority admission consideration;
  • Receive guaranteed admission to a campus in the CSU system;
  • Get prepared to start upper division coursework at the CSU;
  • Will not have to complete more than 60 units after transfer.

To apply for these degrees, complete and submit the AA-T/AS-T Application to the Admissions & Records Office.

General Education Courses for Graduation

In order to complete a degree for AA/AS Graduation Requirements, students need to complete courses in the areas below. Complete a minimum of 24.0 units from Areas A - F, plus additional courses to meet unit requirements.

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Pharmacy Technician

Mission College is proud to offer an accelerated evening or day Pharmacy Tech program which is PTCB approved and designed for those who wish to qualify for the California State Board of Pharmacy Technician Licensing.

Community Education Programs

Community Education

Environmental Health and Safety Training

EH&S provides Relevant and Affordable Environmental Health & Safety Training, along with customized training.