Wellness & Human Performance Courses

Wellness & Human Performance Courses

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WHP-003F: Dance: Hip Hop - Funk Styles (Min Credits: 1.0)

Advisory: WHP 003X. This course will teach the student the fundamentals and choreography of hip hop funk styles (example: locking, popping, boogalooing, waving, etc.). Students will be expected to perform a hip hop routine reflecting their own style and interpretation. Misconceptions about the hip hop/funk dance culture will be presented. Pass/No Pass Option.

WHP-003L: Beginning Modern Dance (Min Credits: 1.0)

Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 001A and READ 054. This course is an introduction to the varied theories, styles, and techniques of the modern dance idiom. Pass/No Pass Option.

WHP-003V: Intermediate Social Dance (Min Credits: 1.0)

Advisory WHP 003S. This course is designed to introduce the student to more advanced steps and techniques of social dance. Emphasis is placed on dance style and more elaborate dance patterns. Pass/No Pass Option.

WHP-003X: Dance: Intermediate Hip Hop (Min Credits: 1.0)

Advisory WHP 003W. This course will introduce the student to intermediate movements and patterns of hip hop/street funk. Students will be expected to choreograph a routine based upon their own style and interpretation. Pass/No Pass Option.

WHP-004H: Fitness: Aerobic Dance (Min Credits: 1.0)

Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 001A and READ 054. This course is designed to provide safe cardiovascular activity and to develop and maintain physical and cardiovascular fitness through the medium of dance. Dance movements to popular music are used to achieve these goals. This section requires enrollment in the Honors Transfer Project. More information and the online application can be found at http://honors.missioncollege.edu.

WHP-007J: Golf-Beginning (Min Credits: 1.0)

Advisory Eligibility for ENGL 001A and READ 053. Pass/No Pass Option

WHP-021: Sports Injuries (Min Credits: 1.5)

Advisory: WHP 025. This course is designed specifically for the fitness specialist or enthusiast who wants a basic understanding of the prevention and care of athletic injuries. Emphasis will be on fitness related injuries as well as preventative steps recommended to avoid injuries. Basic awareness of the needs of special populations will also be discussed. Pass/No Pass Option.