Anthropology Courses

Anthropology Courses

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ANT - Anthropology

ANT-001: Physical Anthropology (3.0 Lecture) (Min Credits: 3.0)

The study of human origins, including evolution, genetics, variability, fossil evidence for human evolution, comparative primate anatomy and behavior. Transfers as a Biological Science.

5B - IGETC Biological Sciences, AB - AA-AS Natural Sciences, B2 - CSU Life Sciences

ANT-001L: Physical Anthropology Lab (Min Credits: 1.0)

Corequisite: ANTHR 001. This is an introductory laboratory course that includes methods and techniques of Physical Anthropology, including scientific method, anthropometry, determination and identification of skeletal materials, comparative osteology, and forensic anthropology. Pass/No Pass Option.

ANT-003: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3.0 Lecture) (Min Credits: 3.0)

This course is the study of cultural and social behavior as developed through the anthropological study of contemporary peoples. It includes a comparative study of the range of cultures of the world with emphasis on social organization, economics, religion, kinship systems, cultural patterns, values and ethics, and ecology.

4 - IGETC Social & Behavioral Sci, AD1 - AA-AS Social & Behavioral Sci, D - CSU Social & Behavior Sci

ANT-055: Magic, Witchcraft and Religion (3.0 Lecture) (Min Credits: 3.0)

A cross-cultural study of beliefs and practices dealing with the supernatural pantheism. Practices that invite or demand individual experiences, such as altered states of consciousness, development of a "belief" system, and revitalization are explored.

4 - IGETC Social & Behavioral Sci, AD1 - AA-AS Social & Behavioral Sci, D - CSU Social & Behavior Sci