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Computer Applications Courses

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CAP - Computer Applications
CAP-010A: Learning the Keyboard (1.0 Unit) (Min Credits: 1.0)

Advisory: Eligibility for ENG 001A and REA 054. This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn the "touch" system of keyboarding on the computer. Proper techniques of keyboarding are emphasized to develop speed and accuracy. This course may be repeated one time. Pass/No Pass Only.

CAP-033A: Word Processing - Course 1 (3.0 Units) (Min Credits: 3.0)

This course teaches word processing applications using Microsoft Word. Students learn basic word processing features.

CAP-044: Using Project Management Software to Manage a Project (Min Credits: 1.0)

Advisory: CAP 070 This course covers the basic concepts of project management and the essential components of project management software. Students research and evaluate a number of project management software applications including but not limited to SmartSheet, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Project, and Liquid Planner. Students will choose a project management software application to design and create a basic project plan. Pass/No Pass Option.

CAP-046D: Introduction to Microsoft Powerpoint (1.0 Unit) (Min Credits: 1.0)

Advisory: CAP 010A. Students learn the basic features of PowerPoint. Students learn how to create presentations and how to format them.

CAP-062B: An Introduction to Microsoft Excel (1.0 Unit) (Min Credits: 1.0)

Advisory: CAP 070. This course is an introduction to Microsoft Excel. Topics covered include entering and editing worksheet information, formatting and printing worksheets, creating charts, and using functions. This course is designed for students who are computer literate.

CAP-063B: Intermediate Microsoft Excel (2.0 Units) (Min Credits: 2.0)

Advisory: CAP 062B. This course is the second in a series of Excel courses designed to help students learn Excel features that are used in business decisions. They apply What-IF Analysis such as scenario tables, goal seek, and solver. Students also use advanced functions such as VLOOKUP, NestedIF's, Pivot tables and Pivot charts, macros and more. This course is designed for students who are computer literate and have a previous working knowledge of Excel formulas, functions, and charts.

CAP-070: Using MS Windows (1.0 Unit) (Min Credits: 1.0)

Microsoft Windows provides a "graphical environment" for access to application programs and system functions through the use of a mouse and icon-oriented commands. The student is introduced to the use of Windows, its application programs and utilities.

CAP-071E: Microsoft Outlook (1.0 Unit) (Min Credits: 1.0)

Advisory: CAP 070. Students learn how to manage email with rules and folders, enter appointments and events, create and manage a schedule, track tasks, and manage contacts and contact groups. Pass/No Pass Option.

CAP-092B: Google Apps for Personal Productivity (2.0 Units) (Min Credits: 2.0)

This course introduces students to Google Drive and Google applications. Students learn to use GMail, Google Calendar, Document, Spreadsheet, Chrome and Presenter to achieve personal and professional productivity goals. Students also identify opportunities to utilize Google apps to communicate and collaborate within a virtual-social network.

CAP-100: Learning The Keyboard Noncredit (0.0 Units) (Min Credits: 0.0)

Total: 54 hours. This noncredit course is designed for anyone who wants to learn the "touch" system of keyboarding on the computer. Proper techniques of keyboarding are emphasized to develop speed and accuracy. Satisfactory Progress.

CAP-101: Computers Simplified For Beginning Learners Noncredit (0.0 Units) (Min Credits: 0.0)

Total: 18 hours. This noncredit course takes students through the basics of using a computer to perform essential tasks for workforce and academic survival. Highlights of the course include: operating system basics, applications software, e-mail basics, computer peripherals, and Internet basics. Satisfactory Progress.

CAP-111: Collaborate And Integrate With Sharepoint and Ms Office 365 (3.0 Units) (Min Credits: 3.0)

Total Lecture: 45 hours, Total Lab: 27 hours. Advisory: BUS 021L or CAP 062B. Acceptable for credit: California State University. This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to collaborate with business teams using Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 web apps and office software. Students create, edit and maintain collaboration sites, including webpages, user communities, wikis, calendars, and blogs in office environments that require multi-user access. This course is designed for students majoring in Business, Computer Applications, or Computer Information Systems as well as for business professionals seeking to update their technology skills. Pass/No Pass Option.