Hospitality Management Degree or Certificate

Food Service & Restaurant Management

Earn a degree or certificate in Hospitality to launch or advance your career in the Hospitality sector. 

FDR - Hospitality Management
FDR-050: Introduction to the Hospitality Industry (3.0 Units) (Min Credits: 3.0)

Total Lecture: 54 hours. Acceptable for credit: California State University. This course is an overview of the structure and relationship of components within the hospitality and tourism industry with an emphasis on career opportunities, customer service, and cultural and economic trends. Students survey the economic and employment impact of food service, lodging, resorts, recreation, meetings and conventions, attractions, cruise, and travel-related businesses. Information about the Hospitality Management Program is explained. Pass/No Pass Option. C-ID # HOSP 100.

FDR-051: Basic Food Preparation (2.0 Units/3.0 Units) (Min Credits: 5.0)

Corequisite: FDR 051S. Advisory: INF 050. It is highly recommended that INF 050 be taken simultaneously with FDR 051. This is a lecture and laboratory course dealing with the fundamentals of food preparation. Students practice the basic principles of food preparation and prepare small quantities from standard recipes, and international cuisines are introduced. Materials Fee $200.00

FDR-051S: Introductory Catering Operations Lab (0.5 Lab) (Min Credits: 0.5)

Corequisite: FDR 051. This supplemental instruction class gives students hands-on practice in catering operations. It is a required corequisite to FDR 051: Basic Food Preparation.

FDR-052: Quantity Foods Operation (1.0 Unit/5.0 Lab) (Min Credits: 6.0)

Prerequisite FDR 051 Prerequisite FDR 055 Prerequisite FDR 058 Prerequisite FDR 075 Prerequisite INF 050 Corequisite FDR 052S Advisory FDR 059 Students engage in and plan an actual cafeteria style lunch operation. Action station preparation and catering operations are emphasized. Menu planning, purchasing, commercial kitchen organization, sanitation and safety, and cost accounting are reinforced. A chef's uniform is required. Lab fee: $150.00. Registered students are responsible for logging on to Angel and retrieving the posted information prior to the first day of class.

FDR-052S: Quantity Foods Lab (0.5 Lab) (Min Credits: 0.5)

This course is a required supplement for students enrolled in FDR 052, Quantity Foods. Students must fulfill 24-30 hours working on department on-site and off-site banquet and catering events. Activities include, but are not limited to: client contact and communication, event planning, service and execution, breakdown and followup.

FDR-053: Restaurant Operations (1.0 Unit/5.0 Lab) (Min Credits: 6.0)

Prerequisite FDR 052 Prerequisite FDR 059 Corequisite FDR 053S Students engage in 'live' restaurant and catering operations. Every student rotates through all positions necessary to carry out service to the public. Front of the house and back of the house uniforms are required. $150 lab fee. Registered students are responsible for logging on to Angel and retrieving posted information prior to the first day of class.

FDR-053S: Restaurant Operations Lab (0.5 Arranged Lab) (Min Credits: 0.5)

Corequisite: FDR 053. Students enrolled in Restaurant Operation are required to spend at least 27.5 hours working on department banquet and catering events. The efforts of students who repeat the course are directed towards event supervision and management.

FDR-054: Hotel and Restaurant Accounting (3.0 Units) (Min Credits: 3.0)

Study of the basic principles of Hotel and Restaurant accounting.

FDR-055: Food Purchasing (3.0 Units) (Min Credits: 3.0)

This course covers two basic areas. Product information which is required for procurement in the food services industry and fundamental principles and purchasing techniques, receiving and storage of supplies.

FDR-058: Food, Beverage and Labor Cost Controls (3.0 Units) (Min Credits: 3.0)

Advisory: FDR 051, MAT 900. This course covers the scope of food and beverage control systems used in small and large food and beverage operation. Pre-cost control, inventory systems, cost analysis, food and beverage cost percentages and profit and loss statement are covered. Also included is the cycle of product handling; federal, state and local laws and requirements and licensing as they apply to the Hospitality Industry.

FDR-059: Hospitality Supervision and Leadership (4.0 Units) (Min Credits: 4.0)

Advisory: MAT 900, FDR 050A This course approaches hospitality supervision from the perspective of general management theory and the operational functions of supervision.

FDR-060: Food Service Facilities Planning (3.0 Units) (Min Credits: 3.0)

Total Lecture: 54 hours. Acceptable for credit: California State University. The course is designed to familiarize the student with the complexities of planning, designing and equipping a food service operation. Pass/No Pass Option.

FDR-072: Intermediate Cuisine (3.0 Units) (Min Credits: 3.0)

Advisory: FDR 051 Advanced cooking techniques and international cuisines are explored in this class.

FDR-073: Fundamentals of Baking and Confectionery (1.0 Unit/1.0 Unit) (Min Credits: 2.0)

An introduction to baking & pastry work. A uniform is required.

FDR-074: Intermediate Baking and Confectionery (1.0 Unit/1.0 Unit) (Min Credits: 2.0)

Prerequisite FDR 073 This course is a continuation of FDR 073 with an emphasis on advanced techniques and baking skills and confectionery design. A uniform is required. A $200.00 fee is required at the time of registration.

FDR-075: Menu Planning (2.0 Units) (Min Credits: 2.0)

The core competencies covered in menu planning include: marketing,nutritional needs, menu layout and design, calculating basic pricing methods, and evaluating both a sales performance analysis and a menu sales mix analysis.

FDR-076: Sales and Marketing in the Hospitality Industry (3.0 Units) (Min Credits: 3.0)

Advisory: MAT 900 This course is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of hospitality sales and marketing, and how daily operations is influenced by marketing effort.

FDR-078: Advanced Baking and Pastry (1.0 Unit/1.0 Unit) (Min Credits: 2.0)

Advisory: FDR 073, FDR 074. This is class is the third in the series of hands on baking classes offered for the Baking and Pastry certificate or A.S. degree. It covers the most advanced baking and decorating techniques.

FDR-079: Introduction to Food and Wine Pairing (3.0 Units) (Min Credits: 3.0)

Advisory: FDR 081, FDR 051 Valid proof of age must be provided at first class meeting. Food and wine pairing is explored. Students will produce a variety of ethnic cuisine to pair with wines from around the world. Traditional and non-traditional approaches will be learned. A uniform is required.

FDR-081: Intro to Wines and Spirits of the World (2.0 Units) (Min Credits: 2.0)

This class is an introduction to wines and spirits of the world. The class includes lecture and tasting of wines, beers, and spirits of the world. Students taking this course must be over 21; ID showing proof of age is requested at the first class meeting. Materials Fee $100.00

FDR-082: Introduction to Chocolate and Confectionary (1.0 Unit/1.0 Unit) (Min Credits: 2.0)

This class introduces students to chocolate and sugar confectionary work.

FDR-085: Sustainable Operations for Hosp Industry (2.0 Units) (Min Credits: 2.0)

Going green. Everyone talks about it, but what can hospitality operations do to actually reduce their impact on the earth? This class addresses this topic with practical tools for reducing waste and energy use.

FDR-086: Beginning Bread Making (1.0 Unit/1.0 Unit) (Min Credits: 2.0)

Advisory: FDR 073 Beginning Bread Making introduces baking students to artisan, loaf, flat and hearth breads, their ingredients, and how to utilize them to insure the best results.

FDR-096: Healthy Cuisine (1.0 Unit/1.0 Unit) (Min Credits: 2.0)

Light and healthy food preparation techniques is introduced, demonstrated and practiced in a hands on food laboratory environment. Emphasis is on the selection of healthier ingredients, and introducing cooking methods to produce lighter and satisfying gourmet cuisine.

FDR-105: Catering Management and Operations (1.0 Unit/1.0 Unit) (Min Credits: 2.0)

Advisory: MAT 900 Students engage in an in-depth study of managing catering operations. Students gain hands on experience at planning, preparing for and execution of, actual catering events. Uniform requirements are: a chef's uniform, black slacks/skirt, a white button blouse or shirt.

FDR-106A: Food Trucks: Starting a Mobile Food Business (2.0 Units) (Min Credits: 2.0)

Food trucks are the single fastest growing sector of the restaurant industry. Discover how to develop your business, build your brand, and gain a loyal following.

FDR-106B: Food Trucks: Mobile Food Operations (1.0 Unit/0.5 Lab) (Min Credits: 1.5)

Corequisite INF 050 Prerequisite FDR 106A This is a continuation of Food Truck Course FDR 106A. Students engage in an in-depth study of managing food truck operations. Students gain hands-on experience at planning, preparing for, and execution of actual food truck concession events. Students must be concurrently enrolled in or have completed Sanitation and Safety course INF 050. Students must also have completed FDR 106A with a passing grade. A chef's uniform and a $100.00 fee is required.

HMT-075: Housekeeping in Hotels, Motels and Institutions (3.0 Units) (Min Credits: 3.0)

In a hotel, housekeeping is the largest department and is responsible for the delivery of the hotel's basic product, a clean room. A highly diverse workforce in this department necessitates skilled managers, according to hotel industry advisory board members. Standards today are such that managers whose ultimate goal is to achieve the executive position as general manager must have experience successfully managing the housekeeping department. This course provides students with fundamental principles for managing housekeeping operations. This is an elective course that is part of the Associate of Sciences Degree Foodservice/Restaurant Management, as well as the Hospitality Management transfer major.

HMT-076: Hotel and Motel Front Office Management (3.0 Units) (Min Credits: 3.0)

This course is an introduction to the principles of effective front office management. Students examine the guest services role, reservations, registration, account settlement, the audit process and evaluate a hotel operation. Computer simulation provides a hands-on interactive learning experience.

INF - Institutional Foods
INF-050: Sanitation and Safety (2.0 Units) (Min Credits: 2.0)

Total Lecture: 36 hours. Acceptable for credit: California State University. This class uses the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation's ServSafe® materials to certify students as food service safety managers. This course includes personal hygiene, types of hazards in food service, prevention and control of pathogens and other contaminants in food. Proper storage and cleaning and sanitizing are also covered. Systems for tracking food safety including HACCP and responding to outbreaks and inspections are taught. Students completing the final exam with 75% correct will be certified food safety managers in all 50 states for 5 years. Pass/No Pass Option. C-ID # HOSP 110.