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Instructional Support

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INS - Instructional Support
INS-010: Peer Tutor and Mentor Training (1.5 Lecture) (Min Credits: 1.5)

This course provides students with effective learning strategies and academic assistance techniques for peer tutoring and mentoring in a community college setting.

CSU - California State University
INS-015: Advanced Training for Peer Tutors and Mentors (1.5 Lecture) (Min Credits: 1.5)

Advisory: INS 010 This is an advanced peer tutor and mentor training course. Topics include the roles and responsibilities of tutors and mentors, as well as specific strategies to help students reach their academic and personal goals.

CSU - California State University
INS-947: Supervised Tutoring (NONCREDIT) (Min Credits: 0.0)

Corequisite: Enrollment in the course or courses (other than INS 947) at Mission College for which tutoring is sought. This 0 unit open entry/open exit course provides learning assistance in the form of tutoring. Students will be assigned to tutoring by an instructor or counselor based on an identified learning need. For more information, contact the Academic Support Center in room SEC-154.

INS-949: College Study Skills (1.0 Lecture) (Min Credits: 1.0)

Advisory: ENG 905, REA 960. This course is designed to help students analyze their study skills needs and to help students learn and apply needed study skills techniques. Techniques and strategies to be explored may include time management, preparation for examinations, textbook study strategies, and using campus support systems effectively. Science, Math and Statistics disciplines require the interpretation of technical texts and the ability to clearly communicate these complex concepts to others verbally and in writing. In this course, there is a strong focus on helping Science and Math students to read academic texts for greater understanding. The emphasis is on metacognition and mastering and applying the skills needed in order to facilitate successful studying and independent learning.

INS-950: Academic Achievement (Min Credits: 0.0)

Corequisite:Students must be enrolled in a Mission College or Community Education course. This open entry/open exit course is intended for students who need help with academic skills related to other courses they are taking at Mission College. Topics may include learning strategies, writing, reading, oral/aural skills, computational and logic skills for science and engineering, and/or study skills. Pass/No Pass Option.

INS-960: Academic Strategies (Min Credits: 0.5)

This open entry/open exit course consists of individualized instruction. Students work regularly with an instructor to identify and practice a variety of academic skills. Students receive individualized assessment and a personalized curriculum to further skill-building in the following areas: learning strategies, writing, reading, oral/aural skills, computational and logic skills for science and engineering, and/or study skills. Students hold regular meetings with the instructor as well as complete lab hours in the learning assistance center. Pass/No Pass Option.