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Nutritional Science Courses

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Nutrition and Dietetics Degree

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Nutritional Science 

Courses may or may not be available each semester.

NTR - Nutritional Science
NTR-015: Human Nutrition (3.0 Lecture) (Min Credits: 3.0)

Advisory: ENG 001A or ENG 001AX This course introduces scientific principles as they apply to human nutrition. It explores the functions of essential nutrients, the chemical composition of foods, as well as psychological and social issues related to food intake. Students will explore current topics in nutrition and evaluate nutrient intake as it relates to maintaining health and preventing disease throughout the life cycle. C-ID # NUTR 110.

AB - AA-AS Natural Sciences, AE - AA-AS Lifelong Learning, CSU - California State University, E - CSU Life Long Learning/SelfDev, UC - University of California
NTR-040: Nutrition and Disease (3.0 Lecture) (Min Credits: 3.0)

This nutrition course intended for students interested in entering the health fields with emphasis on physiology, metabolism of nutrients, metabolic diseases, and dietary modification to optimize recovery and health. Students will understand and evaluate dietary intake, nutritional assessment, and nutrition care commonly used at clinics and hospitals.

AE - AA-AS Lifelong Learning, CSU - California State University